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Waydoo Flyer One Evo eFoil

Waydoo Flyer One Evo eFoil

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The Waydoo Flyer One Evo is coming in June / July. With massive improvements, you can expect longer ride times, a new modular system, wings, features, and more. The EPP foam board has a beautiful mesh finish design compared to the Waydoo Flyer One Plus. You can mount a handle on the nose of the board to turn it into an eFoil scooter! 

The first run of the Waydoo Flyer Evo will be 90-liter boards, and a line of 75-, 90-, and 125-liter boards will soon be available. 

What's new with the Waydoo Evo?

  • A larger battery capacity of 2300 WH means longer ride times, so you can enjoy your day on the water. The battery has a new display interface and can also be used as a power bank!
    • Modular Mast, Fuselage, and Motor - Easy to upgrade and customize. The fuselage and mast of the Waydoo detach from each other. This allows for mast and motor replacement for a fraction of the cost.
    • You can customize the ride more to get the perfect one. For example, you can use a shorter mast for learning or a longer mast for choppy conditions.
    • Choose from a 6 or 4-kilowatt motor.


  • LED Under-lighting - The mast contains lights illuminating your board's underside. 
  • Digital Display-  Evo Batteries allow you to program, diagnose, and check the status of your Waydoo.
  • Stability Assist - The Evo is equipped with ride sensor technology and can assist the rider with stability through throttle adjustment.


 Waydoo Evo Wings: Three new wing options, the Voyager G or C 1500, the Glider G or C 1500, and the Voyager G or C 1100, are available in glass or carbon construction. Hence, there is a G or C distinction in the name.

Waydoo Voyager 1500 Vs. Voyager 1100 Vs. Glider 

The 1500 eFoil wings are the best choice for new riders, with slower take-off speeds and more stability. Choose the 1100 front wings for sharper turns and more maneuverability. The Glider wings are higher, so you can achieve better-unpowered performance in wake or wave scenarios. Carbon wings in the C Series will be lighter, with better response and snap in the turns. 

Pre-order your Waydoo Evo today! Please call us with any questions!  

5% processing fee for canceled pre-orders. 

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