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What’s a Hydrofoil Bike? 

Designed and developed in New Zealand, Manta5’s sole objective has been to recreate the feeling of cycling on water with a design that prioritises speed, agility, and precision handling. The new SL3 Hydrofoil Bike breaks away from conventional water bikes that utilise pontoons or hulls, offering a revolutionary new ride experience. 

In less than an hour of practise majority of people become a confident foil biker. If you can ride a bike and swim, you can ride the Hydrofoiler SL3. 

Hydrofoil Bike Technology 

  • Between 1.5 -  4.5 hours ride time 
  • Throttle override for maximum carving and coasting 
  • Adjust your workout with 10 levels of electric assist 
  • Disassembles to fit in your car boot. Carry to water by hand. No trailer required. 
  • Floats upright when stationary. No bulky pontoons. 
  • Best in breed safety features