Waydoo EVO Short Mast vs Long? 27'' 31'' and 35'' - What should I buy?

Waydoo EVO Short Mast vs Long? 27'' 31'' and 35'' - What should I buy?

The Waydoo Evo is the latest eFoil to hit the market, and we're stoked to be using it in our Miami-based eFoil school. Recently, we had the chance to test the EVO in the Florida Keys and write a few reviews.

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The Waydoo Evo offers a versatile range of three mast options: a 27-inch, a 31-inch, and a 35-inch. Each mast is meticulously designed to cater to different needs and skill levels, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your eFoil journey. The shorter and longer masts, made of standard aluminum alloy, provide a balanced experience, while the 31-inch, crafted from carbon fiber, offers a stiffer ride for more advanced users. The 27-inch mast will be available in the US first, with the longer masts set to arrive in the mid-to-late fall of 2024, ensuring a versatile selection for all.


Waydoo Evo 27-inch Mast Vs. 31-inch Vs. 35-inch.

Waydoo EVO 27-Inch Mast: This is the shortest of the three and the standard for most Waydoo users. You can expect shorter falls, more control, stability, and a more leisurely ride. This length mast also works great if you don't have deeper waters to ride in. The shorter mast allows for easy maneuverability and easier control, making it a popular choice for beginners and those riding in shallower waters.

Waydoo EVO 31-inch Mast: The carbon mast is excellent for all-around use. The medium height is forgiving yet allows riders to take sharper turns at speed. The stiff carbon construction allows for better energy transfer from the rider's input into the foil. This is also the lightest option.

Waydoo Evo 35-inch Mast. The aluminum 35-inch mast is the tallest of the three and will be beneficial if you ride somewhere with lots of 'chops' (small, irregular waves) or in the open ocean. It's also useful for choppy days on the lake when there is a lot of boat traffic. The longer length allows for the sharpest turns at speed, and the 'foil' (the hydrofoil wing that lifts the board out of the water) is more stable, making it easier to maintain balance in rough conditions.


Should I get the Waydoo Evo 27-Inch Mast?

The Waydoo Evo 27-inch mast, the shortest in the range, is a testament to Waydoo's dedication to beginners and casual users. It's compact size and lightweight construction—weighing just 3.55 kg and standing at 69 cm—ensure a comfortable and stable experience on the water. It's designed to be a breeze to handle, even for the most novice riders, instilling confidence and ease from the very first ride. We use this for eFoil lessons and personal rides.


We also like the shorter mast set up with the folding prop when riding in the small waves here in Miami. If you want to get into unpowered wave riding, the standard mast is an excellent length for waves breaking over sandbars.


27 inch mast specs:

weight 3.55 kg

height 69cm

material aluminum alloy


Should I get the Waydoo Evo 31-Inch Mast Carbon?

The Carbon 31 is also a perfect option for getting into steeper waves and making more aggressive turns. You'll appreciate the sharp response if you are a casual rider in flat water. The new vortex wings will respond to your feedback sooner and more aggressively. If you're new, don't worry; it's not going to make or break your progress, but we do find the standard mast to be a touch more accessible for new riders. There is a slight delay in response between the two.


31-inch mast specs:

weight 2.61kg

Height: 79cm

Material: Carbon Fiber


Should I get the Waydoo Evo 35-Inch Mast? 

The most extended mast is for advanced riders who want to take aggressive, sharp turns. The additional height is also beneficial when you're out in chop or on a busy lake. Longer masts are exciting and a good choice for eFoil racing. This would be the optimal choice if riding on the open ocean with a small shore with lots of wind chop. A longer mast gives you plenty of room to ride above the small waves.

 35-inch mast specs:

Weight: 3.93kg

Height: 89cm

Material: Aluminum alloy

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