Which Waydoo Evo Propulsion System Should I get?

Waydoo has a new eFoil coming out called the EVO. We have a full review and comparison that you can read here. 

Pre-order yours now. 

The Waydoo EVO propulsion unit is available in three versions that cater to a wide range of riders. The standard unit will be more powerful than previous iterations of the Waydoo Flyer, boasting a 4000w power output capable of propelling riders who weigh up to 287 pounds. This is the first unit available in the United States and the one we'll use for our Miami-based eFoil School.


Here's a quick look at the new Waydoo Evo Propulsion Systems.

Waydoo Evo Propulsion Vs Performance unit Vs Elite Unit.

EVO Propulsion Unit Standard: This unit is the lowest-cost option and is the best choice for beginners or most eFoilers who don't need the extra power of the Performance or the precision of the Elite. It has more power than previous Wadoo Propulsion systems, making it a reliable and safe choice for those starting out in eFoiling.

Evo Propulsion unit performance: This mid-tier unit boasts the same power output as the Elite but at a lower cost. It has the same durable manufacturing process as the standard unit. Heavier riders should consider this system for the extra power with a savings cost.

Evo Propulsion Unit Elite: This is the most potent and engineered system of the three. Crafted with utmost precision using a CNC machine, the Elite is the top choice for riders who demand the best from their eFoil. Fast, sleek, and precise are the best ways to describe it. Advanced eFoilers should look to this system.


Should I get the Waydoo Evo Standard Propulsion System?

The Waydoo Evo Standard propulsion system will perfectly fit most Evo users. Designed for riders up to 287 pounds, it's powerful and reliable, and it is our choice system for teaching eFoil lessons. The unit is manufactured using the industry die-casting method known for precision and durability. We foresee this as the 90% choice for beginners and most eFoilers, ensuring a secure and enjoyable eFoil experience.


EVO Propulsion Unit Standard 

Motor output: 4000W

Material: Aluminum Alloy  (Durable industry standard.)

Size: 61x16.7 x 19.9cm 

Choose this option for your first eFoil, for cruising with the family, or to save money. If you want more performance, opt for the Performance or Elite unit.


Should I get the Waydo Performance Propulsion System?

The Waydoo Evo Performance propulsion System is more powerful, with a 6000w power output. It's designed for riders up to 375 pounds and also uses aluminum components manufactured with a die-cast. This system will be available in the USA sometime in the mid to late fall of 2024. This premium option will be great for those who want more power from their eFoil. If you're a heavier rider, it would be the best option.


Evo Propulsion unit performance 

Motor output: 6000W

Material: Aluminum Alloy Die cast - (Durable industry standard.)

Size: 67.5 x 16.7x19.9cm

 Choose this option if you're over 280 pounds or simply want more power from your eFoil.


Should I get the Waydoo Elite Propulsion System?

Elite both boast a powerful 6000w output and are ideal for riders up to 375 pounds, offering a thrilling foiling experience. 

Both the Performance and Elite units, whether die-cast or CNC, are designed for ease of maintenance and upgrade. The Elite, with its sleek premium appearance and compatibility with the 75L master plus board, promises the ultimate foiling experience, ensuring your investment lasts and adapts to your needs. 

 Evo Propulsion Unit Elite

Motor output: 6000w

Material: Aluminum Alloy (CNC) - Precision and accuracy when manufacturing small, complex parts.

Size: 66.5x16.7x19.9cm

If you want the best of the best, look no further than the Elite propulsion system.


Where can I buy the Waydoo Evo?

Pre-order yours here. We had the chance to try the new Waydoo Evo earlier this year. Give us a call with any questions. 



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