Waydoo Evo Review - Flyer One Plus Vs EVo

Waydoo Evo Review - Flyer One Plus Vs EVo


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The Waydoo Evo is about to hit the market, and we had the exclusive privilege of getting a sneak peek and testing it on the water during the new product shoot for Waydoo. Here's a quick overview of the upcoming Evo specs!

Waydoo Evo vs Waydoo Flyer One Plus

Design upgrades: The Waydo Evo boasts an EPP foam board with a sleek mesh finish, a significant improvement from the bumpy finish of the Waydoo Flyer One Plus. This new design, which was a showstopper at the Miami Boat Show, not only looks impressive but also enhances the board's performance. The refined eFoil board's finish is so smooth that it's hard to believe it's made of foam, offering a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Handle Bars to Use the Waydoo as a Scooter: An exciting new option for the Evo board is the ability to mount a handle on the nose, transforming it into an efoil scooter! The Waydoo has always been our choice for teaching lessons, from the safe foam deck to the progressive take-off and stability on your first flight. Handlebars on an eFoil are the main advantage competing eFoils have, and we're stoked to see the Waydoo Flyer One Evo bring this new option to the table.

New Waydoo Evo sizes: The first batch of Waydoo Evos will be available in 90-liter boards, with future options expanding to 75, 90, and 125 liters. Compared to the Flyer One's 110-liter board, the 90-liter Evo offers a more responsive feel in the air, especially for experienced riders. Additionally, the smaller size makes it easier to store. The 125-liter board will be the perfect addition to our school and the top choice for new or heavier riders above 200 lbs.

Waydoo Evo has a user-friendly setup: We're pleased that Waydoo has retained the plug-and-play design for the battery and mast, which seamlessly sandwich the board together. This system ensures that the Evo remains the fastest and easiest board to set up, allowing you to hit the water with minimal hassle.

Waydoo Evo Modular Mast and Fuselage: One of the most significant upgrades in the Evo is its modular mast and fuselage. The new design allows for easy swapping of different mast sizes and motors. Whether you need a longer or shorter mast or want to switch between the larger 6 kW motor and the smaller 4 kW motor, the Evo's versatility accommodates your needs.

New Travel Case: The Waydoo travel case has also seen improvements. The Waydoo Flyer One Plus model was already great, but the Evo takes it a step further. You can now attach wheels directly to the board, making it easy to pull your fully assembled board straight to the water. 

Waydoo Evo Enhanced Battery Life: The Evo's new battery boasts a 2300 Wh capacity, offering even longer ride times. During our tests, the battery consistently provided a solid two hours of ride time, which is impressive. It also features a new display interface and can double as a power bank.


What's new with the Waydoo Evo?

  • Larger Battery capacity with 2300 WH- Longer ride times so you can enjoy your day on the water. The battery has a new display interface and can be used as a power bank!
  • Modular Mast, Fuselage, and Motor - Easy to upgrade and customize.
    • The fuselage and mast of the Waydoo detach from each other. This allows for mast and motor replacement for a fraction of the cost.
    • You can customize the ride more to get the perfect one. For example, you can use a shorter mast for learning or a longer mast for choppy conditions.
    • Choose from a 6 or 4-kilowatt motor.
  • LED Under-lighting - The mast contains lights illuminating your board's underside. 
  • Digital Display-  Evo Batteries allow you to program, diagnose, and check the status of your Waydoo.
  • Stability Assist - The Evo is equipped with ride sensor technology and can assist the rider with stability through throttle adjustment.

Two New Motors: You can choose from the 6KW for high performance or the standard 4WK. You can now ride up to 45 km per hour!

Waydoo Powerflite Battery: This eFoil battery is available in 36Ah and 45Ah capacities. It is housed in aluminum alloy and is more durable than previous iterations. You can expect a ride time of up to 135 minutes. The two new batteries come with an LCD display with leak detection alerts, better heat management, and waterproofing.

Three New Masts: Choose from 69cm or 89cm in the aluminum construction or the 79 cm carbon mast. Shorter masts are great for learning to eFoil or taking into the waves or shallow waters. Longer masts are ideal for choppy conditions and more aggressive turns. All three new masts will have color LED lights to illuminate the underside of the board. 

Waydoo Evo Wings: Three new wing options, the Voyager G or C 1500, the Glider G or C 1500, and the Voyager G or C 1100, are available in glass or carbon construction. Hence, there is a G or C distinction in the name.

 Waydoo Voyager 1500 Vs Voyager 1100 Vs Glider 

The 1500 eFoil wings are the best choice for new riders, with slower take-off speeds and more stability. Choose the 1100 front wings for sharper turns and more maneuverability. The Glider wings are higher, so you can achieve better-unpowered performance in wake or wave scenarios. Carbon wings in the C Series will be lighter, with better response and snap in the turns. 


We had a fantastic time testing the new Waydoo Evo! We're excited for its release in mid-June and are already accepting pre-orders. Call us to secure your Evo and join us on the water!

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