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2024 Eleveight PS V7

2024 Eleveight PS V7

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The PS is gentle and durable with nifty features to maximize progression and fun for freeriders and kite schools alike.

Performance Features:

  • Swept three-strut hybrid design for rapid progression and fun
  • Huge wind range with incredible upwind performance
  • Innovative safety features and automatic relaunch for carefree riding
  • Reinforced heavy-duty build quality for extra durability
  • Ultra-stable with forgiving flying characteristics

Design Vision:

The PS is gentle and stable while being incredibly responsive for amazing progression potential. Version 7 is agile and crash-resistant making it the perfect choice for carefree riding.

Its light weight allows the PS to soar fast while keeping it entirely controllable. The shape of the wingtips has been designed for beginners with precise flying characteristics and a more direct feeling on the bar. The PS will stand rock-solid in the sky patiently waiting for steering impulses. 

The trailing edge features smart load diffusers for longevity, and the X4 Ripstop cloth also increases durability by counteracting canopy stretch.

The incredible relaunch characteristics are genuinely ‘automatic’ and the countless safety features offer worry-free riding. The endless power delivery will spark addiction for any new kitesurfer and take them from zero to hero.

The PS is the perfect package for any rider looking for a steep rise in progression.

Key Changes:

  • Teijin XT inflatable structure and Teijin X4 canopy rip stop materials
  • smaller LE bridle deflector
  • new backpack
  • new design
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