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2024 Eleveight Process V7 Kiteboard

2024 Eleveight Process V7 Kiteboard

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The process delivers ultimate performance for endless freeride possibilities.

Performance Features:

  • Game-changing freeride comfort with medium flex
  • Optimum grip and control in all conditions
  • Maximum upwind ability
  • Carbon reinforced for smooth landings and superior carving
  • Equipped with 45mm G10 fins

Design Vision:

Delivering advanced performance year after year, the Process is our top selling freeride board with unique features that spark its popularity. Shaped with the latest high-tech materials, it provides grip in strong gusts, early planing in light winds, and cushions the most vicious chop, making all conditions fun.

For Version 7 the channel layout and depth have been revised for significantly more grip and control when carving, and more bite when popping. The ABS rail material enhances impact resistance, and the unique flex pattern is adapted for each size to add more comfort to the knees.

The Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) has been reworked to allow for thinner rails for superior carving. The improved grip and upwind ability tackles chop and spray making the Process ultra-playful and dynamic to ride.

The Fly 3D Paulownia wood core is reinforced with a carbon stringer for smooth landings and is now thinner and lighter to provide enhanced flex. New contrasting graphics enhance visibility and complete Version 7 with a razor-sharp look.

Progressing riders will find the Process easy to control, but release the edge and it’ll satisfy seasoned kiters who want to go big.

Key Changes:

  • New 3D top mould
  • The channel layout and depth has been revised for more grip and control when carving
  • New rounded square tail outline with bevels at the transition to the rails
  • Revised flex patterns and thinner core which decreases the weight and gives the board more flex
  • Thinner rails on the tips with reworked PRS design
  • New rail colour for design contrast and better visibility


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