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2024 Eleveight Ignition Kiteboard

2024 Eleveight Ignition Kiteboard

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Incredibly smooth and fun to ride, the ignition is the ultimate freeride twintip that will make anyone fall in love with kiteboarding.

Performance Features:

  • Progressive freeride twintip with excellent light wind performance
  • Innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology for increased grip and upwind ability
  • Carbon-reinforced 3D Paulownia wood core for durability and outstanding flex
  • Early planing for light wind fun and to aid heavier riders
  • Equipped with AirGO pads and straps and 45mm G10 fins

Design Vision: 

Ignite your love for kiteboarding and progress in ultimate style and comfort with the Ignition.

With built-in leading technology, the Ignition delivers a smooth and efficient ride to take you to the next level. Increased grip and upwind ability are enhanced through our innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology where even heavier riders will be able to plane easily in lighter winds.

Constructed using a carbon-reinforced 3D shaped lightweight Paulownia wood core, the Ignition achieves optimum flex for increased control even in heavy chop. Ridden with our AirGO pads, turbulent water will feel like carving through butter.

The Ignition’s profile has been designed to reduce drag increasing lift and speed, and the new ABS rail material offers added impact resistance.

Built for durability, the strong UV-resistant top sheet will protect the construction, guaranteeing lasting performance for you and your board.

Key Changes:

  • New ABS rail material with higher impact resistance
  • Updated graphics for a more exciting look
  • Innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology, a tucked-under-edge for more grip and improved upwind ability
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