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2024 Eleveight Curl + CFT Surfboard

2024 Eleveight Curl + CFT Surfboard

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With "Plus" level performance, the dynamic Curl + delivers exceptional rail-to-rail surfing, perfect for super smooth carves and aggressive maneuvers.

Performance Features:

  • Premium shortboard for powerful surfing in medium to big waves
  • CFT construction that delivers a pure surf feel
  • Carbon stringer for responsive flex and durability
  • Thruster Futures fin set up
  • Hand-shaped for high performance

Design Vision:

With top-level materials and design at its very core, the Curl + is the choice for kitesurfers that won’t compromise on performance. 

Taking the Curl to the next level, the Curl + features our premium CFT construction that delivers a pure surf feel in medium to big waves. This classic shortboard shape has premium enhancements for powerful surfing to push you as far as you dare.

Featuring a PU-core with a wood stringer and Polyester lamination, we integrated an Innegra/carbon vector grid for reinforcement. The single concave bottom quickly generates speed providing dynamic drive and the reinforced fin boxes add to the enhanced durability.

Hand-shaped in Portugal, the Curl + is ingenious at unlocking your potential, busting out unlimited performance in all surf conditions. From weak wind swell up to exploding reef barrels, your wave riding will be elevated to the next level.

Key Changes:

  • Updates in shape
  • New CFT construction
  • Polyester lamination for pure surf feel
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