Collection: Waydoo - Manta5 SL3 - Hydroflyer Efoils

We’ve thoughtfully selected 3 very different efoils that would suit almost any rider that’s ready for their next adventure!

Each one of our efoils provided a very unique experience to the rider and we encourage you to set up a demo with us to see which one best suits you!

The Waydoo has been our bread and butter Efoil board since the beginning as it provides a great price point and ease of use without any drawbacks in performance.  With all of the recent features such as the folding prop the future of Waydoo looks bright!

The Manta5 is our Efoil Bike!

Yes I said Efoil Bike!

Within approximately 20 minutes of lessons on the Manta5 efoil bike the rider will be able to cruise above the water for up to 4.5 hours while getting an awesome workout, while leaving all of the traffic behind!

The Hydroflyer is the most advanced efoil on the market featuring handlebars for superior handling. This is the efoil a complete beginner can step right on and start standing making it the easiest efoil on the market to use as well as the the highest preforming efoil.