How do I store my Waydoo Battery?

How do I store my Waydoo Battery?

How do I keep my Waydoo Flyer One battery healthy? 

There comes a time when you might need to store your Waydoo Flyer One plus and the smart battery. Maybe winter is coming, or you want to keep it stored somewhere like a lake house, the marina, or even on your boat or yacht. There are a few things you should know and do for proper efoil battery maintenance and storage. 

Don’t store your Waydoo battery empty or full. 

You want the battery to be around 40% - 60%. After 3 months you should give it a charge and let it run through a cycle. No need to run the board. It's not good for the motor to run dry. Simply put the battery in your Waydoo and let it run a cycle.

You can check the battery level by swiping your magnet across the display. 

Should I use a fireproof storage case with my efoil battery? 

Many people don’t use this for storage including our efoil school here in Miami. That said, it's never a terrible idea. Lithium-ion batteries like all batteries can pose some risk. If you want peace of mind a Waydoo fireproof battery box is a good investment. We have a fireproof battery box available here. 


The best temperature to store your Waydoo battery. 

You will want to  store your Waydoo battery somewhere between 50°- 85° Fahrenheit or 10°- 30° Celsius. You don’t want to leave it out in the garage or somewhere that it can be exposed to extreme temperatures. It’s best to keep it somewhere with climate control. That means if your boat is not climate controlled we highly recommend taking the battery with you.  

It’s not good to let batteries get too cold or too hot for extended periods. Never leave your Waydoo battery sitting in the hot sun, a hot car or even a hot garage for long. This is terrible for long term battery health. 

Keep your Waydoo smart battery clean.  

Keep the terminals clean. Make sure there is nothing in or on them. Wipe away any salt or plants. Make sure everything is dry and free of debris. 

Best practice for efoil battery health.

When in use, don’t run your efoil battery to zero. That’s not good for maintenance. Stop somewhere around 10%. After each ride, charge the battery back to a range of 40% - 80%. You can top it off to 100% before the next efoil session. It’s always good to have two or three batteries if you want to run longer sessions without depleting the battery completely. 

With a fully charged Flyer One+  Efoil, you can get  up to a 120-minute ride. That said, battery life varies according to the user's weight, water condition, and riding methods. 

Type:  Lithium-ion Battery

Capacity:  32,500mAH / 1,683Wh

Waterproof:  IP68

Charging time:  ~120 minutes

The Flyer ONE+ has been built to be as convenient and efficient as possible. The Flyer ONE’s PowerFlight Cell battery was designed with durable, high-quality materials. Only 2 hours to fully recharge, making it one of the fastest recharge models on the market. Each charge allows you to fly freely for up to 120 minutes, giving you ample time to explore and create an unforgettable adventure. 


Written by Ryan Rygo Goloversic 

Rygo has been a staple is the kiteboarding community since 2012. An avid adventurer, waterman world traveler. He spends his time competing on the KPL world tour, teaching kiteboarding, wingsurfing and efoiling around the world. You can catch him in Florida most of the winter having adventures with the efoil Miami team. 

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