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Waydoo Battery Protective Storage Box

The Waydoo Battery Protective Storage Box is here to deliver that extra piece of mind when storing your Waydoo battery.

Although the battery encompasses multiple safety mechanisms and is very safe, given the technical limitation of the Li-ion battery, there is an extremely low probability that the battery cells inside may encounter a thermal runaway.

A fully charged battery stores a tremendous amount of energy so that a thermal runaway may lead to severe consequences.

That's why most airlines and logistics operators consider high-capacity Li-ion batteries dangerous.


  •  A 21 litre water bag stored below the battery.
  • The purpose of the water bag is to contain the battery within the fireproof box from further thermal runaway and reduce the chances of any damage to property
  • Material: aluminium 
  • Overall size: 26 x 19 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 5KG (11LBS)
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