How to assemble the Manta5 SL3

How to assemble the Manta5 SL3

How to set up the Manta5 SL3 on a floating dock. 

1 - Drive Train

2 - Chassis 

3 - Hydropack Battery

4 - Rear Wing


Assemble steps:


1) Place the rear wing on a flat surface and attach the drive train to the rear wing using the allen key provided.


2) Place the chassis on the drive train and secure the chassis onto the drive train by turning the interlock system on the chassis clockwise.


3) Grab the front tiller and secure the front wing to the front tiller with the screws provided.


4) Slide the front tiller into the chassis.  It will click into place.


5) Secure the handle bars into place. (If not already done)


6) Connect the ride controller cable to the drive train. Secure it into place by plugging it in and turning the nut clockwise with your fingers.


7) Attach the hydropack battery cable with the ninety-degree-angle side attached to the drive train, and the other side attaching to the battery.  They will click into place.


You are now ready to ride!


This modular design makes for compact transport and handling, and breaking down into five assemblies. This makes it accessible to fit in any vehicle with the seats down.

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