What are the easiest efoils to learn with? The two best efoils for learning.

What are the easiest efoils to learn with? The two best efoils for learning.

What’s the easiest efoil to learn with?

 At efoil Miami we’ve been teaching efoil lessons for 5 years in South Florida. We often get asked what the best efoil for beginners is. There are a few that come to mind. We use a couple different models in our efoil school. Recently we tried what must be the easiest efoil to learn on. There are many reasons for this that we’ll explain in this blog post.

Why the Hydroflyer Cruiser is the easiest efoil to learn with.

There are different steps in learning to use an electric hydrofoil surfboard. Step one, students start by riding on their stomachs and getting used to the efoil controller. Step two is usually spent riding on your knees getting used to the balance of the efoil board on the surface of the water. The third step is time spent balancing on your feet and riding on the efoil board without going up on the foil.

The best efoil for beginners

The Hydroflyer allows riders to skip right to step three. This efoil will float riders up to 250 pounds. There will be a hydro pod available to assist riders who weigh above 250 lbs. This will speed up the learning process and save a lot of time and efoil battery life. It’s not uncommon for students to use up the entire battery on other efoils before they get to the standing stage. 



The best efoil for learning and more.

The Hydroflyer Cruiser is the only efoil that was designed specifically for handlebars. They provide stability for new riders. They help monumentally for non-athletes and older riders who need the extra help. They help with falls as the rider can also direct the efoil away from them on a fall.

What are the benefits of an efoil with handlebars?

  • Handlebars provide stability
  • It's easier to balance.
  • The handlebars are detachable if you want to rider surf style.
  • Handlebars allow for new tricks and sharper turns!



The Hydroflyer Cruiser is the most advanced efoil available.  

The benefits are not just for beginners. The Hydroflyer is designed to be the best efoil for begginers and the highest-performing efoil for athletes. It’s built with the best materials including a carbon mast and carbon foils. The handlebars can be used to learn tricks like a stand-up jet ski.

The easiest efoil to learn with

Unlike competitors who added handlebars after the initial design just for beginners, the Hydroflyer is made to jump. The board and handlebars are designed for landings and aggressive riding. You can also use the handlebars to help steer the efoil.



The easiest price point efoil.

If you are on a budget, The Waydoo Flyer One Plus with the Flyer Pod. This has been our main efoil for teaching for years. The Waydoo comes with the option for an EPP foam deck. You can also add the Flyer pod for extra stability.  The benefits of the flyer pod are like handlebars. It will give the efoil all the stability needed to stand up.

Setting the Waydoo Flyer One Plus remote to a slower speed lets aspiring efoils gradually get used to the speed. Depending on the rider’s weight, you can dial in the slowest speed needed to get up on foil. The Epp foam deck is soft and impact-resistant if you fall.



 Why the Waydoo Flyer one Plus Epp is an easy efoil to learn with.

  • Foam deck for soft falls
  • Flyer pods add on for stability
  • Easy controls and remote.
  • Best value efoil for learning

Efoil School in Miami

Where can I take efoil lessons in Miami?

We offer efoil lessons on the easiest efoil’s available. Efoil Miami is the premier efoil school and retail shop in Miami and South Florida. We have 11 Years of professional watersports experience.

If you have questions regarding the Hydroflyer Cruiser, the Waydoo Flyer One Plus, or efoil lessons please call or text.  You can book lessons here.  

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