Is Waydoo a cheap efoil? No but it is a great value.

Why is Waydoo half the cost?

A common question we see online is "Why is Waydoo half the cost of other efoils?"Or "Is Waydoo a cheap efoil?"  To the later we would say a resounding no. To the former, we can share why Waydoo is half the cost of most efoils.

Having used Waydoo's since their inception we have a strong opinion on this and a few insights to share why Waydoo is not cheap but absolutely a great value. There are a few reason for the lower cost, from the materials used, the simplicity of the design, and a smart partnership that allows us to pass savings to you. 

Savings from the board design

Unlike other efoils, Waydoo uses an epp foam board. This is safer to use and easier to learn on. Would you rather fall on a hard board or something softer? Now, just because it's cheaper to manufacture doesn't mean it's lacking in durability. The EPP foam is quite durable and has some benefits over standard construction materials like carbon or fiberglas.

Foam boards are cheaper to produce yet are incredibly soft and durable 

Benefits of an EPP foam efoil board

For one, it's less maintenance if you do happen to damage the board on a pier wall or some rocks. Regular construction would need to be repaired immediately as it would take on water causing permanent damage to the board. A foam board is not going to take on water and would also be cheaper and easier to repair.  Having a foam board is also nice when storing or moving it around on a boat as you don't have to worry about damaging the board or the boat. 

All that said, some people prefer a standard construction like carbon. Waydoo does offer a carbon version. The Waydoo carbon Flyer One Plus is quite a bit more expensive and actually heavier than the foam version. While carbon is a great option for carbon enthusiast, we still prefer the foam boards for personal use and our school. They are lighter, safer and durable.  A common misconception with EPP foam boards is that they don't last. They absolutely do. This is still a six thousand dollar product, not a cheap toy. We've sold hundreds of Waydoo's back with a two year warranty for everything and a one year warranty for the battery. This is a product we love and choose to use personally and for the school. 

Simplicity of design 

Besides the savings from using EPP foam, simplicity of design plays a big role in the cost of Waydoo. For example, we like to say the brains are build into the mast and the battery opposed to the board. Many efoils have lots of components and wiring that are build into the board.  Not having to manufacture standard construction boards with additional components is something we appreciate with the technology. 

Backed by DJI

Another factor regarding simplicity, development and R&D is we are backed by DJI. The same company that has been producing drones and camera equiptment for years. The founder and CEO of Waydoo is Dennis Zhu. He is also part owner of DJI. This speaks to the quality behind Waydoo and where the company is going. 

Written by Ryan Rygo Goloversic 

Rygo has been a staple is the kiteboarding community since 2012. An avid adventurer, waterman world traveler. He spends his time competing on the KPL world tour, teaching kiteboarding, wingsurfing and efoiling around the world. You can catch him in Florida most of the winter having adventures with the efoil Miami team. 



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