Waydoo Efoil Folding Propeller Review!

Waydoo Efoil Folding Propeller Review!

The Waydoo Folding Propeller is a  two blade prop that is designed to fold in when the rider cuts the power on the remote, This reducing drag through the water and allows you too completely cut all of the power while riding the wave or wake while using only the power of the wave or wake.  

I was very surprised how little push you needed from the wave to be able to cut the waydoo’s power and ride the wave without the motor while being able to pump on the wave.


When you install the folding prop you will be removing the prop guard which reduced drag and increases ride time and maneuverability. This added maneuverability is a huge bonus for an advanced efoiler. 

 Another thing to consider is that the reduced drag also reduces the stability of the efoil as well.

All in all the Waydoo folding propeller is my favorite accessory that Waydoo has come out with so far and I would recommend it to advanced efoilers looking to progress into the waves or perhaps even stag some wakes from boats.

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