Pairing Waydoo Efoil

Pairing Waydoo Efoil

Pairing you Waydoo Efoil in a few easy steps

1.) Turn on your Waydoo remote by pressing ad holding the power button on top of remote.

2.) Short Press then Long press the power button until you hear a beep on the flight cell Battery and you will hear the happy jingle from the board.

3.) immediately after powering on your board short press then long press the paring button on the battery until you hear a long beep

4.) Press and hold the power and negative button on the controller until the controller vibrates in your hand. You will know your remote and board are paired as the battery of the board will show up on the bottom of the remote screen.

(you only have to pair the controller and board the first time) once your controller and foil are paired your battery level should appear on the bottom of your controller screen.To unlock the the Jet One Controller press and hold the negative button on the controller. The controller will lock back up after 4 seconds of use)

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