How to Set up your Waydoo Flyer one Efoil

How to Set up your Waydoo Flyer one Efoil


With the simplicity of Waydoos sandwiching setup they make it fast and easy to set up your electric hydrofoil and get you on the water as quickly as possible.


Your Waydoo Efoil kit Comes with a wheelie travel bag for the board and and attachable bag for all of the rest of the components that clips right on top of the wheelie bag for easy traveling.


  • Remove the top bag and open your waydoo board.
  • Place your power uint in the bottom of your board.
  • grab your Mast fixing bolts and screw them into your board.
  • install your front wing with your M6 24 Board Fixing Bolts (longer) and rear stabilizer wing with your M6 15 Board Fixing Bolts (shorter) into the bottom of the power unit using your 4mm Hexagon Wrench.
  • Flip youre Waydoo over on top of your wheelie bag to avoid damaging your carbon fiber hydrofoil wings.
  • Place the smart battery into the top of the board. Make sure to place the top in first and then push in the bottom of the smart battery.
  • use the carbon key on the Jet one controller to lock the power flight cell battery in place
  • Turn on your jet one controller by pressing and holding the power button on the top of the controller until the controller vibrates in your hand.
  • Short Press then Long press the power button until you hear a beep on the flight cell Battery.
  • Pair your Jet one controller to your flight cell battery by short press then long press the paring button on the battery then press and hold the power and negative button on the controller until the controller vibrates in your hand. (you only have to pair the controller and board the first time) once your controller and foil are paired your battery level should appear on the bottom of your controller screen.To unlock the the Jet One Controller press and hold the negative button on the controller. The controller will lock back up after 4 seconds of use.
  • to power off your Waydoo Efoil short press long press the power button just as you turned it on.


Your Waydoo kit is ready to ride! ENJOY

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