How to charge Waydoo Smart Battery With Magnet

How to charge Waydoo Smart Battery With Magnet

  •  Battery charge light indicator

-Plug in your Waydoo Quick Charger to the wall

-Plug your smart battery into the  quick charger port

-indicator lights will solid blue.

  • Tap the pairing button with your magnet
  • the indicator lights will change from solid blue to blinking blue and you will hear the fan turn on indicating that the charger is pairing to the smart battery. When the charger indicator light changes from blinking blue to blinking green it indicates the Smart battery is charging.
  • When the Waydoo Smart Battery in charged the quick charger indicator lights will change to solid green.

Extra Waydoo Efoil Smart Charger information

  • In case there is a fault the charger indicator light will turn red. This normally indicates a fault and charging turns off. Our advise would be to try a new outlet and continue charging.
  • Blinking light safety feature

-When your Waydoo smart battery is charged and at rest the Waydoo smart battery light indicator my start blinking one light. This a new safety feature to bleed the Waydoo smart battery to a safe amount for safe storage.

  • Checking battery level with magnet

-When your Waydoo Smart Battery is not plugged into the mast the Waydoo Smart Battery will not turn on, you can only check the level of the charge on the smart battery by swiping your magnet on the power button. This feature is there to protect the Waydoo battery and mast ports from potential water damage during dissembling your  Waydoo Efoil.

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