Best Tool to Learn Efoiling - Waydoo Flyer Pod

Best Tool to Learn Efoiling - Waydoo Flyer Pod

The Waydoo Flyer Pod has been one of our key ingredients to helping get new riders up and riding as fast and safely as possible!

You can slide and velcro it onto your efoil in a matter of seconds. This makes it easy for a rider to have the stability of the Flyer Pod and then be able to continue onto their riding without the Flyer Pod for more advanced riding.

The Flyer Pod is most useful at first for riders to progress from their belly, knees and riding on their feet. When you move on to learning to fly up on the foil it helps as a bumper when you land the board back on the water to avoid nose diving your Efoil into the water.

Personally I like using it when I’m cruising to a neighbors house and do not want to get wet;)

Another good use of the Waydoo flyer pod is for a hesitant rider that is on the fence, you can put the Flyer Pod on and set the speed governor low and the rider can easily ride your Waydoo Efoil with a very little chance of even getting wet.

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