Why are eFoils so Expensive?

Why are eFoils so Expensive?


How expensive is an eFoil?

eFoiling is a relatively new sport. The cost of entry can be a bit shocking. Ranging from 6,000 to $16,000. With every new sport, there is a lot of development, R&D, and production costs. Simply put, an eFoil is a highly engineered piece of watersports equipment. Brands need product designers, engineers, testers, and expensive components.

This is also a low-volume production. Unlike surfing where manufacturers produce a lot of products with cost-effective materials.eFoils are still new and the industry is not yet large enough and may never be for mass production.



New technologies are changing fast and so are the analog components like the foils themselves. Foils change regularly. Every year, hydrofoils have new trends, changes, and developments. There are teams dedicated to developing and innovating that component itself. You might see new materials being used of new lighter more aerodynamic shapes. For the hydrofoil wings, there are lots of options to choose from. Beginner wings, race wings, surf wings, folding props, and more.

The batteries, the software, and the hardware also change as the years go by. Some brands are getting lighter, faster, and more efficient, while others are trying to create different price points so everyone can afford an eFoil. At eFoil Miami, we have several different brands with different price points.

How much does the Waydoo Flyer One Cost?

The Flyer One Plus EPP is the best value eFoil we carry. It costs $6399 and is still our go-to eFoil for lessons and personal sessions. Waydoo has managed to produce an incredible product for a great price with smart design, smart material choices, and a smart partnership with DJI.


The EPP Foam desk is one of the largest factors in its affordability. Unlike fiberglass or carbon boards, it’s quite durable. If you crash into a dock or something, you don’t need to worry about expensive repairs. It’s lightweight, responsive, durable, and soft for falls! Being made of foam you don’t have to stress about scratching the board or your boat. There is no need for a board bag, and you can just worry about having fun on the water.

How Much does the Waydoo Flyer one Carbon Cost?

The Waydoo Flyer One Carbon is an incredible value at $7,799. This is our cheapest option for riders who want a premium carbon hard eFoil board but don't want to pay double the price. We've been using Waydoo since the beginning and they are still one of our favorite brands. 

If you're on a budget, this board will not disapoint. The componects are back by DJI and the build quality is incredible. 



How much does the Hydroflyer Cruiser cost?

The Hydroflyer Cruiser is not a cheap eFoil. It cost $15,499. It’s our most premium eFoil. It has detachable handlebars. These are amazing for learning and for a jet ski-like experience. The eFoil is designed for touchdowns. This is beneficial if you are learning or going for advanced tricks. You can see in our video above, just how user friendly this eFoil is. 

Our most advanced eFoil.

In our opinion, the Hydroflyer Cruiser is the best eFoil you can buy in 2024. It has the most float, the most torque, and the most features and it’s designed to accommodate new efoilers or thrill seekers looking to jump or do tricks.

 If you’re in Miami come, try a Hydroflyer demo, and see why it’s the best eFoil available.


How Much Does the Manta 5 Hydrofoil eFoil Bike Cost?

The Manta is our mid-range eFoil. They can cost anywhere from roughly $10.000 to $13,000.

Unlike the Waydoo Flyer One Plus and the Hydroflyer Cruiser™, this is a hydrofoil bike! You can get a workout and choose to use throttle or pedal assist. Come visit us in Miami and try a demo today! Book your Manta Five demo here.

If you need help deciding what eFoil is right for you, please give us a call. (786) 505-2305. My Name is Chris Bobryk and I'm here to help. 


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