What to expect from your Efoil lesson

It’s time to get excited! You have your Efoil lesson booked and you are getting ready to go. 

What to bring: 

-bottle of water


-bathing suit

-wetsuit (optional/provided if necessary)


What to to expect:

First you will show up to your designated location and meet your instructor. You will be fitted with an impact vest and helmet. Once you are outfitted for your lesson you will move towards the water where your board is waiting for you. You will be given an explanation of how the remote works, how the board works, and how to do everything safely. 

After receiving your ‘dry lesson’ your instructor will hop into the water and demonstrate everything they explained on land. Once you have seen it with your own eyes you can ask any questions you might have. Now it’s your turn! 

You will be given your remote and board to start riding around on your belly. You can progress through each step at your own pace. Your instructor will be with you through each step, guiding you and giving you feedback. This way you are able to learn quickly and have fun.

Can’t wait to see you out there! 


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