What is the Weight Limit for the Waydoo Flyer one?

What is the Weight Limit for the Waydoo Flyer one?

Am I too heavy to efoil? What is the best efoil for heavy riders? 

Efoils are an incredible new sport. They allow anyone, regardless of age or fitness level to experience the thrill of Hydrofoiling. The recommended weight limit for the Waydoo Flyer one is 220 lbs. (100 kg) Does this mean that if you weight more than 220 efoils are off the table? No, we have had students who are heavier successfully efoil.

If you are heavier, we recommend the Hydroflyer Cruiser. It can accommodate riders up to 250 lbs. It also has handlebars for added stability.

The best thing about efoiling is the fast-learning curve. Most hydrofoil sports take weeks to learn. Windsurfing is an amazing sport, but it does take physicality. There are many riders in their 60s and 70s who practice but it does take some endurance and balance. And usually, a bit of time to learn. With efoils, most people are up on the foil in the first 3 hours!



 Do I need the Waydoo Flyer Pod?

The board is going to float most riders, provide a stable platform and the assist from the motor makes it more like riding a bike. There are products that can further assist too!

For the Waydoo Flyer one, we recommend using the flyer pod. The pod provides extra stability and float to the Waydoo. You can think of it like training wheels. No balance is required! Sometimes our efoil students are nervous or just looking for a little extra help. We love seeing the stoke in their face when we are out on the flyer pod. The extra help makes an already friendly process even easier!

Buy the Flyer Pod here.



What’s the Weight Limit of the Hydroflyer Cruiser?

We find the best efoil for heavy riders is the Hydroflyer Cruiser. If you are a heavy rider, this is going to be our top choice. All weights can use the Hydroflyer. Making it our top pick for riders over 220 pounds.  There are usually three steps to learning to efoil. Riding on your belly, riding on your knees and finally standing up. The Hydroflyer Cruiser is the only efoil in our school where everyone can stand up right away. It has the most torque and can be utilized by riders who need a little extra.


Handlebars are the best choice for heavier riders. The Hydroflyer Cruiser is the only efoil that was purpose built for handlebars. There are other options, but the handlebars are more an afterthought added for learning. If you weigh more than 220 pounds, this is going to be the most fun efoil. We love it because the handlebars are for more than just learning. You can treat your efoil more like a jet ski! That means its incredibly easy to learn how to efoil, but it also means you can get aggressive it. We’re talking sharper turns, jumps, carving hard, and using the handlebars to their full potential.

Learn more about the Hydroflyer Cruiser here. 


What’s the weight limit for the Manta 5 Hydrofoil bike?

The Manta 5 has been tested with riders up to 265 lbs. (220kg) We find riders over 225 lbs. Do have a harder time learning however. Unlike the Waydoo and the Hydroflyer Cruiser, the Manta 5 is a hydrofoil bike. The rider can sit down and ride. We recommend this option for our heaviest riders. It’s a new and fun way to experience efoiling without ever having to stand up.


The Manta is fun because its also a great way to get exercise on the water. You have the option of using the controller or the pedal assist! Imagine, using an ebike on the water with a foil. It’s unlike anything you have seen or tried yet. This is our top choice efoil for riders who want to play and want to get some exercise. 

Learn more about the Manta here.

Where can I take an efoil lesson in Miami Fort Lauderdale or Key Largo? 

Efoil Miami is the premier efoil school in south Florida. We're committed to serving you and making sure you have the best experience on the water. We teach on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus EPP. This is for saftey and ease of use. Foam boards are great for learning and soft if you do fall. We teach in some of the most beautiful locations in Miami and beyond.

Learn to go fast and book a lesson with us today! Give me a call if you have any questions or want to learn more. (786) 505-2305

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