What is the maximum speed of the Waydoo?

What is the maximum speed of the Waydoo?



How fast can the Waydoo go?

At eFoil Miami, we’ve been using Waydoo since the company’s inception. The max speed has changed with each new version. The Waydoo Flyer one plus can reach speeds of up to 40 km or 25 miles per hour. Some Waydoo models can get up to 47 km or 29 Mph. 

This is not where you start. Most people will start at slower speeds, like 11 miles per hour and work their way up. We recommend practicing at different speed levels to build comfort and control on the efoil. Waydoo makes one of the easiest efoils to learn on.  That's why we continue to choose using them for our Miami based efoil school. 



How fast should I go on a Waydoo?

For beginners, it’s best to start slow. Go as fast as you are comfortable. In the taxi stage, before you are engaging the efoil, you can go as slow as 5 miles per hour. Simple stand on the board and get used to balancing. As you go faster, you will notice more pressure on your front leg as the foil tries to take flight.

You can stand further forward on the board and apply pressure with your front leg. This will keep the nose down and prevent the foil from taking flight. Spend your first hour riding like this. Feel how you can control the board by shifting your weight and using your ankles. More toe pressure will turn the efoil forward. More heel pressure will turn the hydrofoil board backwards.

How fast do I need to go to fly on the Waydoo?

To achieve, flight somewhere around 10 miles per hour. Accelerating faster is better than going slow If you start slow, there will need a lot of pressure on your front leg. Sometimes, we see people riding with the nose angle up as they accelerate. There are two ways to fix this. First, you can move your feet forward. Second, you can use leg strength and press down. 

We find its best to use a wide stance, with your weight stacked over your front knee. Set the level on the remote to a comfortable speed and accelerate somewhat quickly. The limiter on the remote, will prevent you from going too fast for comfort. Depending on your weight, you might have to experiment with the speed level. Find a speed you are comfortable with and capable of getting the foil to take flight. This might require a few falls and that is okay! Just fall back and away from the board. It’s part of the process and fun!



How fast can I go on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus?

Once you are up and riding, start experimenting with the levels on the remote. You can bump up a speed level on the remote and see how it feels. Spend time at each level getting comfortable and learning to control the efoil. Going fast is an exciting part of efoiling and nothing can compare. We love carving though the waterways of Miami and exploring. 

It only takes a couple of sessions to achieve the control needed to max out the speed. You’ll be racing up to 25 miles per hour in no time! We all take falls from time to time and that is the fun of water sports! No other sport can you go as fast and take a fall with so much ease and a smile!

What is the top speed of Waydoo Flyer One? 

The top speed of any Waydoo currently is 47km or 29 mph. Most people won't max out their speed but for some, that is the name of the game. Going fast is one of the most exciting parts of efoiling but its not everything. We love to go at whatever pace the day calls for. Sometimes, we're in crusie mode and exploring. Other times, were going as fast as we can and trying to jump! The joy of efoling is that it's what you make of it. 

Where can I take an eFoil lesson in Miami Fort Lauderdale or Key Largo? 

Efoil Miami is the premier eFoil school in South Florida. We're committed to serving you and making sure you have the best experience on the water. We teach on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus EPP. This is for saftey and ease of use. Foam boards are great for learning and soft if you do fall. We teach in some of the most beautiful locations in Miami and beyond. 

See what our eFoil students have to say.

"Chris is an awesome teacher and all around good guy. He was able to get me and my boys up and riding fast. efoil lessons here were the most memorable part of our vacation." Richard  

Learn to go fast and book a lesson with us today! Give me a call if you have any questions or want to learn more. (786) 505-2305

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