What eFoil equipment do I need to learn?

What eFoil equipment do I need to learn?


What size eFoil board do I need? 

Choosing the right eFoil board size is a crucial step when embarking on your eFoil journey. We recommend sizes between 110L and 160L, which we consider the sweet spot. These sizes not only provide the most stability and flotation, but also make the learning process a breeze, adding a touch of joy to your eFoil experience. For beginners who may find it challenging, we suggest larger high-volume eFoil boards like the Hydroflyer Cruiser 160 Liter, which offer even more stability and buoyancy, ensuring a smoother learning curve.  These boards provide the most stability and flotation when the board is at rest, making the process easier for everyone, including those who are not athletic. 



Early takeoff and speed are essential. You want a board that can achieve speed with little resistance. This is even more critical with the larger components that create drag on eFoils compared to a regular hydrofoil board. Avoid boxy shapes or soap bar shapes, as we like to call them. Most quality eFoil companies have optimized their boards for early planeing, but it is something to consider. We do have our favorite eFoil board picks as well. 




Best EFoil boards for Beginners 

Hydroflyer cruiser 160L 

Our top pick for beginners, the Hydroflyer Cruiser, stands out for its 160 liters of 'buoyancy '. This term refers to the board's ability to float in water. A board with higher buoyancy is easier to balance on and provides more stability, making it ideal for beginners. The Hydroflyer Cruiser's 160 liters of buoyancy make it suitable for almost everyone. Moreover, it features handlebars that provide four points of contact with the board, enhancing your balance and control. These handlebars also come in handy during falls, allowing you to steer the eFoil board away from you. With this board, you can feel confident and secure in your eFoil journey, knowing that you have the right equipment to support your learning and progression.

Waydoo Flyer One Plus 110L 

The Waydoo Flyer One Plus, an alternative option at 110 Liters, offers a versatile choice with its EPP Foam construction. It delivers a unique eFoil riding experience, being more maneuverable, lighter, easier to carry, and softer for falls. The Waydoo Flyer One Plus is the eFoil we use for teaching at our Miami eFoil School, showcasing its suitability for beginners.  

This size range is suitable for most aspiring eFoil riders. It's easy enough to learn, and it's likely the size you will stay with for your entire eFoil journey. 


What are the best eFoil Wings for learning?

The next crucial step is selecting an eFoil wing. Hydrofoil wings, available in various shapes and sizes, play a pivotal role in the eFoil's performance. Larger, low-aspect wings, with a wide span, longer cord, and potential thickness, are the most forgiving. They offer more lift and stability, making them a perfect fit for beginners. On the other hand, high-aspect small wings, with a long yet narrow wing span, are better suited for advanced riding. They provide less lift but more speed, maneuverability, and glide without external power. Most eFoil systems allow you to purchase different wing configurations to upgrade your eFoil as you progress. 


Upgrading wings with a modular system is an important feature that puts you in the driver's seat of your eFoil journey. It allows you to adapt your eFoil to your growing skills and preferences, giving you the freedom to choose how you progress. The wing you start with will continue to serve you well, whether it's for leisurely cruising or for teaching your friends and family to eFoil later on. This adaptability empowers you to set the pace of your eFoil journey, making it truly your own. 


 Unifoil Vyper 190 and 150 hydrofoil wing

The Vyper 190 is a high-performance wing designed by unifoil and used by The Hydroflyer cruiser. This is a large wing yet somewhat higher aspect. You can expect a good balance ratio of ease of use and performance. Later, you might consider upgrading to the Vyper 150 for less drag, more speed, sharper turns and bigger jumps. The Vyper 150 is a smaller wing with a lower aspect ratio, making it more maneuverable and responsive. It's a great choice for riders looking to push their skills and performance to the next level. 

 Unifoil Hyper 170 hydrofoil wing

The Hyper 170 is a 'high-performance wing ', which means it's designed for experienced riders who are looking for maximum speed and maneuverability. It has a higher aspect ratio and sits between the Vyper 190 and Vyper 150 in terms of size. This is our pick for performance eFoiling when you are experienced. 



 Waydoo Explorer 240 hydrofoil wing

The Waydoo Explorer 240 wing is our school wing. It's quite large as far as hydrofoil wings go and the most forgiving wing we have come across. This is our top pick for new eFoilers. 

The Waydoo Patroller 200 wing is also large and forgiving but it will be faster and have less drag. We recommend that you pick up both wings so you can have the option for ease of use or something faster and more exciting down the line as you improve. 

Where can I take eFoil lessons in South Florida?

 If you want to learn more about eFoiling, give me a call or shoot me a text or email. My name is Chris Bobryk, and I teach eFoil lessons in Miami, Florida. 


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