Waydoo Flyer One Vs Waydoo Flyer One Plus

Waydoo Flyer One Vs Waydoo Flyer One Plus

The Waydoo Flyer one Vs the Flyer one Plus. Whats the difference? Should you make the upgrade? Are there any pros and cons? Chris breaks down everything you need to know when deciding between these two efoils. 

We've been having fun testing and teaching on the Waydoo flyer one for a while now. Recently, we got the Flyer One Plus in and we were able to get it out back to back with the Original. 


Reviewing the Waydoo Flyer One Vs the Flyer One +

Getting right into it. The new propeller not only gives you 25% more proficiency and riding time. It also has a lot more glide and a natural feel. My background as a professional kitesurfer has allowed me lots of time to try different hydrofoils. Its impressive how much more this feels like kite or wakefoiling and less of a machine like feel. 

The Waydoo Flyer one was already quiet but the Flyer One plus was noticeable quieter on the water. One pro for the Flyer one is for beginners efoilers or those taking efoil lessons is the bigger propeller. When you start breaching, you'll hear the prop release from the water and you will have more time to correct before the hydrofoil wing breaches. 

Breaching an eFoil

Anyone who hydrofoils knows that a breach means you will fall so its a nice benefit having that buzz sound to alert you. The Flyer One Plus Efoil, will also buzz to alert you but being a smaller more efficient efoil propeller, you wont have as much time to correct the mistake. 

Pros of The Flyer One Plus 

The benefits of the more flexibility with turning your foil and gliding far outweigh the small benefit of extreme to save a breach. Especially if you already know how to eFoil. You can always use the Waydoo Flyerpod to make things easier on the kids, your friends, or if its your first time on an eFoil. 

Changes to the Efoil Board 

The Flyer One + has a stiffer board and this means you will get a more reactive feel on the water. So when you put a litte weight on your heels, the board will respond faster. 

I am yet to try the Carbon Waydoo but to be honest, traveling so much and doing lessons, having the EPP foam gives me peace of mind as I don't worry about dinging it and if I do, its easy to repair. 

If you have any questions about these two eFoils, give us a call or shoot an email. We're here to help! 


- Chris 

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