Waydoo Carbon VS EPP Foam

Waydoo Carbon VS EPP Foam

So you're wondering which efoil board is right for you. The Waydoo Flyer One Plus in EPP Foam or Carbon. 

The good news is performance is  mostly unaffected regardless which e-foil board you choose. The real benefits are what you want our of the experience. 

Waydoo Carbon


Let's be honest, carbon looks amazing. If you are outfitting your boat or lake house and you want to make an impression, a carbon board is going to catch more eyes than foam. Carbon is also incredibly lightweight and stiff. This means its easy to cary and there will be a bit more input and response in the foil while carving.   


Carbon requires more care. If this efoil is a toy for a family with kids there is always the chance it might get scratched up loading it or if you drop it.  We highly recommend storying and transporting your carbon e-foil in a board bag. Another consideration is carbon is less forgiving for falls. 

Waydoo Expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam


The EPP foam board is our choice for teaching and playing here at Efoil Miami. It's easy to repair, soft on the body when you fall and its actually lighter than the Carbon model. Best of all, there is a lot less stress when it comes to beating the board up for lessons are the constant loading in and out of our lesson boat or tour van. This EPP foam will be more beginner and kid friendly option as well. Now just because its foam doesn't mean it isn't rigid or responsive. There is an embedded aluminum alloy frame that will give you plenty of performance and an easy time on the water. 


There really aren't any real disadvantages to the EPP foam. It just doesn't look as nice as a sleek carbon board.  

Comparing the specs 

As far as size specs, both efoil boards are similar so there is no advantage or disadvantage choosing either electric hydrofoil board.  The EPP foam is softer on the body for falls and lighter while the carbon is going to turn some heads. 

If you have any questions regarding our experience with these efoils let us know. 


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