The benefits of eFoiling. The top 5 reasons we love it.

The benefits of eFoiling. The top 5 reasons we love it.


Why is eFoiling so addictive?  

What are the benefits of eFoiling? What sets eFoiling apart and makes it so epic? Is it the unique sensation of flying above the water, gliding through the scenic waterways and beaches of Miami? Or is it the unmatched stoke and fun shared with friends every time we go on an eFoil adventure? eFoiling has brought happiness and a new lease on life to us and countless others. We're not just happier; we're more alive. We're out there, fully immersed, living in the moment and actually being present. In this blog, we'll share the top 5 reasons we love to eFoil! 



eFoiling benefit #1 it gets us outside

Life often confines us to a routine, whether it's the home office or a traditional cubicle. We're aware of the excessive screen time and sedentary lifestyle. But eFoiling breaks these barriers, offering a sense of freedom. It takes us out on the water, immersing us in the elements. With eFoiling, you're not bound by specific weather conditions; you can eFoil on almost any body of water whenever you want.   



eFoiling benefit #2 We can spend time with friends and family

eFoiling is about more than just being on the water. It's time to be with our friends and family. Heading out on the water, having good conversations, racing each other, moments like this are what we look forward to after a long day. The older we get, the more we stop playing and having fun. The thing is, fun makes us more productive and gives all our work more meaning. 

Sometimes, we even get too locked in on the work grind—teaching lessons, answering emails, and losing track of the days. Being able to ride when it's convenient for us in the early morning or those late afternoons when everyone is out of work makes life so much better.   



eFoiling benefit #3 We make new friends 

eFoils are exciting, and they attract a lot of attention. Whenever we go out, someone on a boat or a dock wants to ask what we're doing. People cheer; sometimes, they toss you beers while you shred the wake behind their boat. If you want to meet new people and make new friends, eFoiling is a great conversation starter and a fun activity.  

eFoiling is also a great first date. You get to have a shared experience; it's a little scary at first but totally safe. It's the perfect way to get to know someone and add excitement to a coffee date or a walk on the beach.  



eFoiling benefit #4 There is always something new to learn.

With eFoils, there is always something new to learn. When you start, just getting up is the most exciting thing in the world. Learning to foil and fly above the water at 25 miles per hour is nothing short of addictive.

There is always something new to work on, from riding with your opposite foot forward to surfing small waves or boat wakes. 

Hydrofoils are incredibly efficient and can surf the most minor nonbreaking waves. The motor allows you to explore many different spots, and exploration is part of the fun. You can find unique waves on inland lakes or small sandbar breaks in the ocean. They don't have to be powerful waves, either. Small rolling waves that never break are perfect for progressing into powerless rides. Many foils even have unique folding props, such as foil eFoil surfing. We use the Waydoo folding prop to eFoil Surf in Miami.  

If you want to get extreme, there are eFoils designed for jumping and tricks. We have used the Hydroflyer Cruiser with handlebars for jet ski-style jumps. Freestyle eFoiling is still an emerging sport, so there is lots of room for creativity and innovation. 



eFoiling benefit #5 Stress goes away 

This is the mother of all reasons to go eFoil. When we get on the water, something magical happens. The world goes quiet, save the wind in your face. You're focused, present, and entirely out of your head and in your body.

 With social media, cell phones, and a world that is moving faster and faster, it's easy to live in our thoughts. Life is best when we get physical and use our bodies outside. eFoiling is not a physically intensive activity by any means. It's more zen-like and peaceful, yet there is a thrill. 

 Balancing the board, turning the foil with our heels and toes, shifting our weight to carve a fast turn, feeling the water in our hair, the wind on our faces, and the warm sunshine on our backs—all of these things bring us away from our thoughts and troubles and put us right in the moment where we belong. 

Where can I take eFoil lessons in South Florida?

 If you want to learn more about eFoiling, give me a call or shoot me a text or email. My name is Chris Bobryk, and I teach eFoil lessons in Miami, Florida. 


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