New Waydoo Evo!

New Waydoo Evo!


The Waydoo Evo is coming out soon and we were able to get a sneak peak and test it out on the water while we helped with the new product shoot for Waydoo.

So here is a quick overview of the new Evo specs coming out soon!

Cosmetically the EPP foam board has a very nice mesh finish design compared to the Waydoo Flyer one Plus being more of a bumble finish in the EEP Foam. We really like the new finish and after showing it off at the Miami Boatshow everyone else did as well. It is really hard to tell this board is even foam. The added bonus for the new Evo Board is that there will be an option to mount a handle on the nose of the board to turn it into an efoil scooter! 

The first run of Waydoo Evo's will be 90 Liter boards and evenly there will be a line of 75,90 & 125L boards.

the Flyer One is a 110L board so the 90L Evo does offer a better feel in the air for any rider that is up and riding being a smaller. We also like the 90L board for storage purposes as well.

We are happy that waydoo is sticking with the same plug and play design with the battery and mast sandwiching the board together. This makes it still the fastest and easiest board to set up and maintain getting you on the water as soon as possible!

One of the biggest key upgrades with the Evo is that the mast and fuselage will be more modular, with different size mast and different size motors. This will allowing you as the rider to disconnect the mast from the fuselage to change mast and fuselage in a pinch. This will come in handy if you want to change mast sizes to a longer or shorter mast or larger 6 KW motor or smaller 4 KW motor.

One of the often over looked aspects of the different efoils is the travel cas. The Plus was really good and I think even improved on with the Evo. you can now attach the wheels directly to the board allowing you to pull your board directly to the water fully set up.

The new battery capacity is 2300 WH and it will last even longer! During our time testing the New Evo we found the battery lasted a true 2 hours of ride time which was very impressive. The battery has a new display interface and also can be used as a power bank!

We had a lot of fun testing out the new Waydoo Evo's! We would be happy to get you on the water when they come out in Mid June! We are also excepting pre-orders now! So give us a call and we are happy to get you on the water with us!

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