Is riding an eFoil hard?

Is riding an eFoil hard?


Is it hard to ride an eFoil?

Is it difficult to learn to eFoil?  In comparison to other watersports eFoiling is one of the easiest to learn. You don’t have to be an athlete; you don’t have to be a certain weight and you don’t have to be a certain age. If you can walk, you can eFoil! We’ve been teaching eFoil lessons in Miami for a few years now and everyone loves the fast, fun, easy process!



Hydrofoiling used to be difficult. In 2016 we saw a huge revival in foils with kitesurfing. The first foils were not easy to ride. As the industry progressed, foils got better fast. By 2018 we had stable and easy-to-use foils. The Waydoo Patroller wing is a perfect example of an easy-to-use Hydrofoil wing. The mass is only 25. 6 inches, this shorter mast length is easy to learn with and forgiving on the falls.

The reason it’s so easy to learn on a Waydoo Flyer One Plus is the slow take-off speed. You do not have to go fast to achieve flight. Depending on your weight, you can select different speed levels on your Waydoo remote. This lets riders select a comfortable speed to get the foil up.

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Is eFoiling easy?

Modern hydrofoils are much easier than they were a few years ago. With the electric foil motor and the right board, eFoiling is something most can learn in three hours. The Waydoo Flyer One is a high-volume board made from EPP foam. You can add additional stability and float with the Flyer Pod. This means most riders can stand up without moving on the board.


Most people will start by riding on their stomachs and getting used to the power of the electric hydrofoil. This is an incredibly fun stage of the process. Every one of our students has a huge smile from the moment they get on an eFoil board and start cruising around.


With a large buoyant eFoil board, you can ride comfortably while standing on both of your feet without coming up on foil. There is no need to try and foil yet. This stage of the process is as easy as riding a longboard skateboard. Easier actually! A little balance is required but not much. Most riders spend about 20 minutes in this stage. Practice putting weight on your heels and toes to turn the board. Get used to accelerating with the efoil motor.


The final step is getting the foil up for short rides and touching back down. With the shape of the Waydoo Flyer One, you can easily come up on the foil and drop right back down. The board is forgiving, and you can just try again. With the help of the flyer pod, this is even easier and more stable. Falls do happen but the board is made of foam. You can also fall back and away into the water. Falling is a fun part of the process! The best part of water sports is being in the water.



How long does it take to learn to eFoil?

How long does it take to learn how to eFoil? The answer is it depends! Most can get up and ride in a single lesson. About 90 minutes on the water is enough time to get comfortable and understand the basics. That said, sometimes students like to come back and spend more time with their instructor for two or three lessons. If you are new to spending time in the water, it can be intimidating and acclimating. Likewise, if you have no experience riding on a board, it’s nice to work out the fundamentals with a skilled professional.


If you have any board sports or watersports experience, you’re going to learn fast. Time spent on a snowboard, skateboard, or surfboard is going to help with the muscle memory needed to turn a board and balance in the riding position. Learning to ride on foil is a little different. Unlike other board sports, the rider must maintain weight on their front leg to prevent the foil from rising too much. Sometimes, kiteboarders who learn to foil, need to spend some time getting used to using less backfoot pressure. This can take a little bit of time to figure out.


New riders who have no experience won’t have to worry about undoing any habits like this. With proper instruction, efoiling is a fun, fast, and safe sport to learn. Come join us in beautiful Miami and learn to ride. We’re more than just an eFoil School. We sell a variety of eFoils including the Waydoo Flyer One Plus, the Hydroflyer Cruiser, and the Manta Efoil Bike.  We find the Hydroflyer Cruiser is the easier eFoil to learn on. It has handlebars, great propulsion, and the most stability.

If you want to know more about eFoils give me a call or text today. I'm based in Miami and happy to help. (786) 505-2303


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