How to Efoil on a Waydoo

How to Efoil on a Waydoo

How to Efoil : Waydoo

Let's start by turning on the remote. You are going to hit the power button at the top of the remote and hold it until the screen turns on. One side of the remote will show the percentage of battery. The other side will show the speed that you are currently set to.


Choose a Speed that will allow you to pull the trigger all of the way. You want to be able to keep your speed steady to allow yourself to maneuver easily.


Start on our belly. Making sure that our weight is forward because we want to keep the nose down when you begin to move. If your weight is to far back you will back the back of the board plowing through the water instead of up on plane. 


When you are ready to start riding unlock the remote by pushing the minus sign (-) until the unlock symbol appears on the screen. 


Once at a good speed your front hand pulls you up to your knees. You can keep your weight in the middle of the board. Once you’re at your knees you can pause in this position and ride from here. On your knees, you are even able to foil.


When you are ready to stand up make sure that you have active toes. Put your front foot up to meet your front hand. Then stand all the way up when you find your balance. Make sure your stance is wide, Keeping your feet close to each rail. Your chest should also be facing forward.


To keep yourself from accidentally foiling before you are ready keep your weight is over your front foot. Ride around with the board still touching the water until you feel comfortable. When you do want to start foiling, begin with "touching and goes" (coming up off of the water and then immediately coming back down to touch the water again) you should look like a dolphin.


When you fall "Don’t Be A Hero", fall with the board. You don’t want to taco, meaning you collide with the foil. You also want to make sure you immediately let go of the trigger so that the propeller is no longer moving.


Turning happens when you start to look at where you want to go you can even point your arm in the direction you want to go which opens your chest up in that direction. 



Now that you have the basics you can go at your own pace and have some fun. 

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