Can you surf waves with an eFoil?

Can you surf waves with an eFoil?



How do I surf with an eFoil?

Since hydrofoils first became popular people have been paddling into the waves. The opportunities are endless. The magic of hydrofoil surfing is how many different types of waves you can surf. Regardless of how small or large, regardless of whether they are breaking or rolling, and regardless of how clean the wave is, you can probably use a hydrofoil to surf it. 

Foilers are notorious for pirating boat wakes from large ships and anything that makes anything that looks like a wake or a wave. eFoil wave riding is an emerging sport with a lot of development behind it. When eFoils first arose, they opened the door to a new world for watermen and aspiring watersports athletes. You can use the eFoil to get past the break, power yourself into a wave, and ride back out to the next without ever laying down on the board.


What do I need to surf with an eFoil?

The first step is getting the right tools. There are surf-specific efoils for surfing. From the components on the mast itself to the wings used for hydrofoil surfing. We use the Waydoo Folding Prop to power into waves. The concept of this design is an eFoil propellor that folds to become aerodynamic when surfing. There is also a gliding wing and a surfing tail stabilizer wing.

An eFoil surf folding propler ready for action

The Waydoo Glide wing is more suited to larger waves and higher speeds. You do need to utilize a little more power from your eFoil to get going on this wing. The Waydoo Patroller wing is a better fit for small beginner waves. I usually get going at level 7 or 9 on my Waydoo controller.


You should be comfortable eFoiling first. Spend lots of time, practicing on flat water. Master riding with both feet in the forward position. Practice all your toe-side and heel-side turns and carves. You can also practice pumping the foil! When you are finished with a run, try and pump the foil as far as possible with no power. If you can do all of this, you are probably ready to try some small waves.


Don’t eFoil surf big waves until you are ready.

Choose a small day, the smaller the better, with rolling waves that do not break. Ride out and watch how the waves are breaking. Use power and ride along on the shoulder of the small rolling waves. Get used to making small turns and harnessing the power of the wave.

As you get comfortable, you can stop using the propeller and practice pumping on the small waves. You are going to fall a lot. Make sure when you fall that you fall back and away from the foil. The Waydoo is made of EPP foam so it is more forgiving but there is still a large foil attached. You do not want to get hit by this.


What does an eFoil wave look like?

Look for waves that are rolling and not breaking. These can be found anywhere including inland lakes. You can have a lot of fun on large rolling waves that never break. This is the best place to start and stay a while. You’ll get lots of low-consequence practice! As you become skilled, you can attempt smaller breaking waves. It’s best to stay on the shoulder and play it safe. Hydrofoils can work magic with very little energy. You don’t want to get too deep in the wave. This can be a dangerous place for any hydrofoil surfer.

Be respectful to surfers. Do not surf in crowded surf breaks. eFoils can take advantage of waves that surfers could never ride. If you want to ride perfect surf swell, you will need to find your own private break. Another huge advantage of eFoiling is how fast and far you can travel. Use this to your advantage. 


Where can I take an efoil lesson in Miami Fort Lauderdale or Key Largo? 

Efoil Miami is the premier efoil school in south Florida. We're committed to serving you and making sure you have the best experience on the water. We teach on the Waydoo Flyer One Plus EPP. This is for saftey and ease of use. Foam boards are great for learning and soft if you do fall. We teach in some of the most beautiful locations in Miami and beyond. 

See what our eFoil students have to say.

"Chris is an awesome teacher and all around good guy. He was able to get me and my boys up and riding fast. efoil lessons here were the most memorable part of our vacation." Richard  

Learn to go fast and book a lesson with us today! Give me a call if you have any questions or want to learn more. (786) 505-2305

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