3 Health Benefits of eFoiling

3 Health Benefits of eFoiling



What are the Health Benefits of eFoiling?

At first glance, electric hydrofoiling may seem more akin to a jet ski than a physical sport like surfing. However, this new sport, eFoiling, is for more than just the physically strong or the elite. It's a sport for everyone, regardless of their fitness level, inviting all to experience its surprising health benefits. 

eFoil Health Benefit #1 Physical Health

eFoiling is a low-intensity activity focused on balance, but there are other aspects. Transporting the eFoil means you will be carrying your equipment. Sometimes, it's just down the street to the lake, moving it down the dock to the boat, or walking from the parking lot down a sandy beach to the ocean. Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise, and you'll be doing your fair share while carrying 50 to 90 pounds. 

More than just a physical exercise, eFoil riding is a mental escape. It's a low-impact, low-intensity activity that engages many stabilizer muscles. After a fall, you'll find yourself swimming back to the board, enjoying the refreshing water. This unique combination of physical and mental engagement is what makes eFoiling not just a sport, but a rejuvenating experience for both body and mind. 

To pop up, you'll go from kneeling to standing in a semi-squat position to control the board. All these small things add up to a lot of movement, and at the end of the day, our bodies are meant to move.  

eFoil Health Benefit #2 Mental Health 

A huge benefit of eFoiling is the mental health aspect. There is no better way to relieve stress than to get outside, be present, and engage in something. When you're on the water, you live in the moment and are free from thought. Aside from being a great way to manage stress, you'll be having fun and recharging your batteries, so to speak. 

eFoil Health Benefit #3 Community 

The best part of eFoiling is spending time with your friends and family. With social media and computers creating so much distance and false connection, getting face time and sharing authentic experiences with friends and family has become more important. 

eFoiling is a perfect after-work or weekend activity to bring people together, whether it's a day at the beach, on the boat, or down by your town's small lake! You also meet many new people interested in what you're doing. It's easy to make new friends and share the joy of eFoiling; they usually can't help but ask. 

Community is monumentally vital for our longevity and well-being. People with close social circles live longer, happier lives. Watersports like eFoiling give people something to be stoked about and build their community and culture. eFoiling is still an emerging sport, and even now, more events and styles are popping up worldwide, from racing to wave riding to freestyle or group rides. 



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